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How To Get Over 10.000 Visitors Per Day

Posted by Seo Syafrudin on 3:53 AM - 1 comment
How To Get Over 10.000 Visitor Per Day
Getting lot of visitor is not an easy task, but its a realistic thing to be achieved. No matter what goal you are doing blogging you’ll always needs visitors, especially when you blog for an online business purpose. There are number of ways to build higher traffic, you may provide more useful and helpful articles, build a network on social networking sites such us Facebook, Twitter, and Google +, optimized SEO on-page and SEO off-page, and so on. Those are part of secret ways to build a blog traffic.

Build blog traffic is just like you build a brand. You have to build your brand as well as possible for search engine in order to get maximal traffic from search engines such us Google, Yahoo & Bing, Ask, etc. Mostly blogs traffic source are form search engine so that’s why you need to learn about SEO and get started make your own blog become SEO friendly. SEO is related to quality contents, link building, social media popularity, and the blog health.

In the previous posts I've posted a few related articles such us 5 exact ways to get visitor for a new blog, how to increase Alexa traffic rank, and how to get high Google pagerank. Now, I am going to tell you a few steps to get more than 10.000 per day. While some other bloggers only could drives not more than 1000 per day how you could get traffic over 10.000 for every single day? Here are the secrets.

  • Do reset keyword before determine a niche
  • Use a SEO friendly theme
  • Create a sitemap
  • Register your blog to search engines
  • Only write a quality post
  • Submit your blog posts to social bookmarking sites
  • Build authority
  • Do link building naturally
  • Avoid to use blackhat SEO
  • Make title tag relevant to blog contents
  • Post article regularly
  • Connect your blog to social networking sites
  • Join blogger community
  • Be active on relevant forum
  • Don’t be spam

Implementing all the things above will worth your time, but those are the real keys to get higher traffic for your blog. If you've done implemented them on your blog, I guaranty your blog is visited by more than 10.000 in a day.

Blogging needs times. There's no an instant ways to build blog which could drives lot of visitors. You have to focus and do it well for every part of optimizations if you wanna see a satisfied result.

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