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Make Money Online Through Blogger With No Cost

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How To Make Money Online Through Blogger With No Cost
Now days blogging is a very popular online activity which can be done by anyone, including you. There are many blog platforms you may choose. One of the biggest blog platform at this momment is Blogger ( This Google’s blog platform is the famous one and already has lot of users around the world.

Today blogging isn't only to write and shares what things in your mind. While doing blogging you could also generate online money through your own blog. There are many expert bloggers who got succeed from their own blogs and living online with higher monthly earning consistently, such us Pat Flynn.

Getting online money also can be realized with no cost anymore, except for paying your internet connection. is a very helpful blog engine you may choose to build your own online business. is a free blog platform which lets its users to make money online with their contents.

By using you don’t need to spend money for hosting. Blogger gives you online data spaces, and its absolutely free. So, how to make money online through blogger with no cost at all? Here are steps to generate online money from Blogger.

Create several blogs on Blogger
Build at less three blogs using Blogger platform. Choose a right niche which has high monthly search (>3k/month). Build your blog well, post more quality contents on your blog, do link building naturally then within 2-3 months later you are going to see the result. Your blog will be crowded of visitors, and that is the time to begin generate money.

Be original
Never copy-paste other blogger’s article, otherwise you could not make money as well as other bloggers could. You can’t also using copyright material, such us images, illegal software download link, drive your visitors to violent activity, and so on. Post your own article, and avoid to violent any copyright materials.

Focus to optimize your blogs
Blog optimization needs more time. You could not generate money without high traffic, and to get lot of traffics your blog should be optimized first. Learn more about SEO, promote your blog regularly with a right technique, build network on social media sites, and don’t forget to evaluate your blog health through webmaster tools such us Google Webmaster Tools.

Its time to make money online
You have several blogs which rich of useful contents and those blogs already drives high traffic, then its the time to make money. There are many make money online ways, but I recommend you to use pay per click (PPC) program. This one of make money online method is truly simple and it will lets you to generate lot of online money since your blog has high traffic.

To be success from pay per click program, Google Adsense is the biggest PPC program you may join. Most of successful blogger around the world are using Google Adsense as their online money source.


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