Friday, September 27

Link Building Strategies To Optimize Your Blog
As I often saying that every blog needed backlinks to be optimized. By having enough backlink your blog is going to be easier to get lot of visitors. There are many ways to build backlink, but I just recommended to you to build backlink with a right way, and avoid link building with blackhat method or blackhat techniques.

Backlinks are the voter for your blog, means the more backlinks you have, the more better your blog pagerank on SERPs. When your traffic target is coming from search engine you have to build enough high valuable backlinks. High value backlinks are backlinks that coming from a reputable weblogs, and some of backlinks should be dofollow.

When we are optimizing a blog link building is one of the activity that spends lot of time, but if you can build backlinks with the right techniques the results should be satisfy you. Do not ever using a bad method on link building because it only make your blog become a spam blog, and finally your blog is going to be punished by search engine, especially Google.

Here are few easy ways to link building with the exact ways, by using these exact and easy ways below your blog will be rich of quality backlinks day by day.

Backlink from dofollow blog
Get some dofollow backlink from the blog that using dofollow attribute. Now days finding dofollow blog is too hard than several years ago, but there are still some dofollow blogs you can find them. You can using SEO add-on for your web browser; click here for Chrome, and here for Firefox browser.

Backlink from blog directory
Find few high pagerank blog directories. Build bakclink from blog directories with high pagerank will provide significantly greater impact for your blog. Below are few dofollow blog directories you can cultivate your backlink.

Backlink from social bookmarking site
There are many social bookmarking site you can submit your article there for free. Using social bookmarking site on link building is easier and backlinks from them are real. All you need to do is submit your post to social bookmarking site after you published it on your blog.

Backlink from social networking site
Backlink that coming from popular social networking sites are nofollow, but it still valuable for your blog. As you know, there are many social networking sites you can planting backlink for your blog. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and several other social networking sites.

Backlink from .EDU site   
As we know, backlink from EDU site is very valuable. Every blog which rich of EDU backlinks the blog seems easier to get a top ten ranking on Google Search. 

How to get EDU backlinks?

One of easier ways on link building from EDU site is using Drop My Link tool ( Type your keyword on the box, and select .edu Blogs then click search button to start searching lot of edu backlinks. 


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