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How To Apply Adsense Account and Get Approved

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How To Apply Adsense Account and Get Approve
Google Adsense is the biggest advertising network which will let webmaster or blogger getting income from their own weblog. There are few ways getting money from the website or blog, one of them is by becoming a publisher of pay per click advertising such as Google Adsense.

Adsense made for webmaster or blogger around the world who wants to publish ad network by Google as publisher. For advertiser, Google has made Adwords, its the advertiser network by Google which prefer Google as their partner on advertising program through internet.

How to apply Adsense account and get approve as you wish?

To be a publisher of Google ads, first you have to apply an Adsense account. To do this, you must have a website or blog in order to show the ads. To be approved by Adsense team the blog you registered should meet criteria of Google Adsense program polices.

The main problem for few blogger is to set up their own blog meets Google Adsense policies. Google is a very selective ad network to determine whether the Adsense applicant will be approved or reject. You won't be approved by Adsense team when your blog out of Adsense criteria.

Below are few basic things you have to do to apply Google Adsense account and get approved by Adsense team :

Build a blog
Building a blog is not only create it. After you have done created it you have to optimize it in order to drive enough visitors to your blog. Google Adsense won't approve your application if your blog has not some visitors.

Do not violent copyright material  
Google does not like any violent of copyright, including duplication of article, using pictures without permission, attach illegal download link on your blog, etc. Make sure you avoid these if you wish to be approve by Adsense as a publisher.

Choose a right niche 
Choosing a right niche is also very important. If you wish to apply Adsense account the best niches should yo choose like insurance, financial, technology, web, etc. Do not choose a niche which has not high value for advertiser, it will constrict you chance to be approve by Adsense team.

Do not publish any forbidden contents 
What does it mean? There are many contents called "forbidden content" such us telling your visitor to hack a computer system, hacking site, etc. Do not publish any related article on your blog even just a post. Moreover, do not publish any adult content on your blog.  

Get visitors
No matter you have a great site or blog which has been meet things I said above, it does not mean your application is going to be approved without enough visitor. Your blog should be has at less 1000 page views in a day. As my experience they can't approve your application when your blog has less than 1000 page views in a day.

How to boost your blog traffic? Make your blog become SEO friendly, build backlinkpromote your blog as well as possible by using a right method, and make sure all articles on your blog are indexed by Google. Then if you think ready to apply Adsene account, you may visit this link > Apply Google Adsense account.


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