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How To Make Your Own Blog Become SEO Friendly

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How To Make Your Own Blog Become SEO Friendly
When you decide to create a blog whatever platform you choose, the blog is should be able to optimized in order to able to get high traffics. No matter the goal of your blogging, I think you dream to get many visitors because by having many visitors you may achieve your goal.

SEO or search engine optimization is one of popular optimization method that will drive more visitors. By implement good SEO technique on your own blog visitors will come to your blog easier and it should be maximum than you do not implement SEO technique on your own blog.

Sometimes SEO is confusing. We do more, but the results was unsatisfied. In other side, some bloggers regard that SEO is just a method, and the result may be different. Yea, the opinion may be true because there is always a different result among bloggers.

Ok, let's back to the title of this post "How To Make Your Own Blog Become SEO Friendly?". Below are few tips to make a blog become more SEO friendly for getting many visitor as many as possible.

Use a single Meta Description 
Create a single meta description and keyword for your blog. If you are using Blogger like me, now Blogger already has this feature. This is very important to separate description for home page and article page, so your article become more SEO friendly on search engine.

Quality is a priority 
Write a unique article, and do not ever copy-paste article from other source. Search engine, especially Google can detect which one is original and duplication. Beside that, do not write article very short because its indicate that your articles are poor.

Clean up blog from broken link
Use Google Webmaster Tools to diagnose your site health. Go to GWT panel to find out your blog condition. Check and make sure that your blog is free from broken link. Remember, when your blog contains many broken links, you should clean them up immediately because they will bury your blog on SERPs.

Get high value backlink naturally 
Everyone knows, every blog needed backlink because backlink like a voter for your blog. Means, when your blog got many quality backlinks then your blog got many voter, and it will increase your blog on SERPs. Get backlink from reputable blogs, and avoid spammy technique while you are link building.

Never use blackhat technique 
By using blackhat SEO, you may successful getting high traffic instantly, but it can't be survive for a long time. Do not ever using any blackhat SEO technique, because it only will make you work for nothing. Use a legal SEO technique for better result, and never be spammer that will harm you in the future.


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