Thursday, September 26

5 Exact Ways Getting Many Visitors For Your Blog
After you have done creating a blog then you will think “how to get visitor?”. Traffic is very important to make your blogging spirit keeps alive. Even you are loving blogging very much, I guess you are getting feeling lazy to write article when your blog got no visitor anymore.

Traffic also become the key for you to achieve your goal on blogging. You may blogging for building a brand,  sharing blogging knowledge, or blogging for money. No matter of your goal, traffic always become one of the very important key to realize your hope.

Many blogs succeed drive more visitors, and there are also many blogs that seems too hard to get few visitors, and in this article I will tell you 5 exact ways getting high traffic for your blog step by step which I guess you can follow them easily.

What you should do to get many visitors from search engine, and other valuable traffic sources? Just implement these things.

1. Set up your blog
After you finished creating your blog, there are also some other tasks that you should do. Choose a SEO friendly template, set up meta description and keyword for your blog, register and verify your blog on Google Webmaster Tools, create a sitemap to make your blog more SEO friendly, etc.

2. Write quality article
When some blogger says "content is the king", they are absolutely right. Content is the real key for getting high traffic. Write high quality article, and never publish very short article because it can't drive visitor anymore.

3. Build backlink naturally
Every blog needed backlink to be optimized. Link building from reputable blog is a priority, and you should do it naturally. Never use spam technique, and you must avoid to build backlink from a spam blog even the blog has good pagerank.

4. Use social medias 
Bloggers can drive many visitor from social medias easily. Get more friends on social media you like then submit your blog contents there. For a better result, be active on several popular social medias and drive more visitor from them.

5. Submit article to social bookmarking site
There are many social bookmarking sites that you can use for free to attract more traffic. You can boost your blog traffic significantly and also getting backlink from them. Choose social bookmarking sites with a good pagerank to increase your article on SERPs.


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