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How To Promote Blog Successfully?

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How To Promote Blog Successfully?
On this occasion I will discuss about how to promote our own blog by using the great and easy ways on promoting. There are many ways to promote a blog, some method are free with no cost anymore, and some other methods are paid. You can choose free method or you prefer the way that paid, but in this article I am going to share with you some easy and free ways on promoting with no cost anymore, except your time.

A successful blog is a blog which also succeeded in implementing strategies on promoting. Success on the promoting will make the blog has a lot of visitors, and when a blog has a lot of visitors, then the targets to be achieved by the author of the blog is getting closer.

There are thousands way to promote a blog, but you should only use the right methods. Avoid using wrong ways on promoting that will potentially harm you in the future, such as using the wrong technique, spam, and other deviant ways.

Here are few easier and exact ways to promote a blog with great results, and it should be increasing your chance to get high traffic.

Use social networking sites
There are many social networking sites you can use to promote your blog contents. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. Get more friends, make a topic related to your blog niche and submit your blog content there.

Use relevant forum
Find some relevant forum of your blog niche. Browse topic related to your blog contents, be active on the forum, and offer your blog content to the audiences of the forum by submitting the related articles of the discussion.

Blogwalking and leave comment
If you have spare time, you can visit your friends's blogs and never forget to leave a relevant comment. At least there are two advantages if you are blogwalking, first you can link building, and the second your friends will visit back your blog.

Use anchor text for better SEO
Links a post to another on your blog, they build authority for your posts, and they keep your readers on your website. This is one of simple and powerful SEO technique which will contribute a very good impact to your article on SERPs.

Create a subscribe box widget
Keep writing more unique contents, and teach your blog reader to do something that they don't know will make them feel interested in to subscribe your blog posts. Be responsive to your audience, answer their questions, then they'll read every your post update.


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