Saturday, September 28

How To Increase Alexa Traffic Rank For Your Blog?
Some blogger said that a reputable blog is a blog which has a good Alexa traffic rank. The opinion may be wrong, and also may be true. Today I am going to tell you all about on how to increase Alexa rank for any blog, especially for a newer blog.

What is Alexa rank? Why it is important for a blog?

Alexa is a popular web analytic that gives a rank to any weblog around the web. Alexa calculate rank for a blog based on traffic of the blog. A blog which has highest traffic will get a good rank, otherwise a blog with low of traffic or has not lot of visitors will get a poor rank.

So, why I see some blogs which has no high traffic but still getting a good Alexa rank?

Yeah,, the main point of this article is going to discuss about it. As I said above that Alexa calculates rank for a blog is based on traffic, but traffic is not the single thing for getting a good rank. Still there are many things will be includes.

I have few blogs, some of my blogs has good Alexa rank, and some other of my blogs has not good rank. I was trying to analyzed what make it different, then finally I could figure out it what is the real secret things for getting a good Alexa traffic rank. According to my analyzing all this time, here are the answers.

Choose a popular niche
This is very important. When you dream to get a good Alexa rank no matter of your goal, you have to choose a popular niche. Some of popular niches, like technology, online business, blog tutorial, gadget, etc.

Never post out of your niche
The second priority things, do not post any article which has no a relevancy with your niche. When your blog niche is discusses about gadget, then do not publish a news articles or other related articles.

Update your blog regularly
Write and post article at less once a month. You have to update your blog contents as many other bloggers keeps updating their own blog. This is to make your blog keep alive and never loses visitors significantly.

Install Alexa Tools Bar
By installing Alexa Tools Bar on your web browser, your blog traffic and statistic can be monitored easier by Alexa so your blog have more chance to get a good rank. Click here to install Alexa tool bar for Chrome browser.


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