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How To Optimize Blog Quickly

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How To Oprimize Blog Quickly
Creating  a blog should be optimized for better rank on search engine. There are millions sites on the internet that will be crawled and indexed by search engine, and where does your blog locate is belong to a few things, one of them is how better did you optimized yor blog. As we know, blog optimizing is worth our time, and I guess what you want to know and learn is how to optimize your blog faster?

Optimizing is one of periority task for any blogger who wants to get high traffic. No matter what your blogging goal, finally getting lot of visitors is the way to realize your target. And when we want to think realistically, the blog that we have wiil not be able to get high traffic without considerable effort optimizations, because that is one of the rule.

Blogging is writing, but it does not mean that blogger only have to write. Beside writing articles, we have to set up our own blogs then become SEO friendly and let search engine to index our blogs contents easier and faster. Please keep in mind, that there are many things that become the deciding bit-number of a blog visitors. Content is the king, but creating many articles does not guarantee the best result.

So, how to optimize your blog and it's contents quickly? Here are a few formulas that you can implement them on your lovely blog.

1. Use a SEO friendly template
2. Choose a tittle that will describes your blog theme
3. Create a SEO friendly meta tag and meta keywords
4. Build high value links to the homepage of your blog
5. Write great content
6. Build high value links to your blog post
7. Share your post to social media sites, especially Google+
8. Make your blog a live

Eight things mentioned above more than enough to prepare your blog for getting lot of visitors, but do not forget, every perfect steps will be determine the result. Happy blogging, buddy..!!


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