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How To Get Indexed Faster By Google

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How To Get Indexed Faster By Google
Google is the biggest search engine at this time which will drive visitors coming to your blog if your blog have been optimizing correctly. Just like this blog, 95% it’s traffic is coming from Google search engine. If you already made your blog SEO friendly then it’s easier for getting big traffic for your blog from search engine.

In order to get high traffic from search engine, the first thing you have to do is make your blog contents can be indexed easily by search engine and should be able to get indexed faster. Sometimes getting index by Google or other search engines is a hard task for some bloggers who are building a new blog, and we will discuss about it through this article.

What should we do to make our own blog contents can be detected easier by search engine? Below are the answers.

Register your blog to search engine
Is really important for you to register your blog to few search engine, especially Google. Why Google? As I said above, Google is the biggest search engine which will drive your visitors.

Submit sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools
By providing sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools, Google will be detected your blog contents easier. So, you have to submit a sitemap to be indexed faster by Google Search.

Ping your blog and URL of your blog post
Actually pinging your blog contents is not necessary anymore when your blog is older, but it’s very important for any blog which still newer and does not have enough backlinks.

Build quality backlink from few relevant weblogs
Backlink is on of very important things to build a blog successfully. Get some quality backlinks from a few reputable websites and relevant blogs so your blog will be indexed faster by Google.

Use anchor text while you are writing new post
While you are creating a post, you should use an anchor text on your article. Anchor text is a links within a post to other post in a blog. Anchor text will introduce your new post to search engine by the older article.


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