Wednesday, December 25

How To Increase Adsense Revenue Significantly
Now days Adsense is the biggest online ad network which will lets webmaster and blogger to earn money online through their own blogs and websites. By becoming a publisher of Adsense they can earn money as much as possible.

Adsense is an easy way to earn money online. If you have not and Adsense account yet you may apply for it, and to do this you can read my previous article, how to apply Adsense account and get approved. At that article I have explained a few basics things to apply an Adsense account and get approved.

If you are already an Adsense publisher the main question might be on your mind is how to double your revenue. By this article I would like to explain few steps to boost your online income with Google Adsense ad network. Here are things you should do to boost your earning by using Google Adsense.

Create a quality blog
If you have a quality blog the chance to boost your earning is getting easier for you. First, you have to set up your blog as well as possible. To do that you have to build your blog step by step as good as some expert bloggers done.

Get many visitors
There is no money without good contents then if you wish to get many visitors you have to do few important things such us make your blog become SEO friendly, do link building, promote your blog, write many article as many as possible, etc.

Stay writing article relevant to your blog niche
Before you create a blog, you have to determine what niche you want to set on that blog. Use a right niche like technology, education, or business online. That topics are expensive niche/keyword which will lets your online income through Adsense higher.

Choose the best ad position
Ad position is very important to increase ad CTR. Make sure to choose a right place on you blog to show the ad. An ideal placement ad for better result such us showing ad in the sidebar, above and below post. Moreover, choose the best ad size, 300x250, 336x280, 728x90.


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